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Friday, 2 May 2008

Another New Poll

This time - what's your choice of venue for pole dancing lessons (both of which are fully private with no spectators):

In a club with low level lighting, where you can wear heels, and have a glass of wine; or

In a bright airy wholesome gym.

Or: either, the environment doesn't really matter.


M@ said...

I like my pole dancing w/ low-level lighting.

I keep it real.

Glamourpuss said...

I usually teach and learn in clubs, but the one disadvantage, and it's become a bigger disadvantage for me as time has gone on, is the lack of mirrors in clubs - consequently, I've got some bad habits and I have no bloody idea what I look like on a pole.


Anonymous said...

i think the setting of a club with the lighting/wine aspect is good but we definitley need mirrors in the venue..

Cherry said...

The lessons I go to take place in a cocktail bar upstairs, which is a fairly nice and pleasant area, if a little bit lacking in space. There is a mirror, but I'm usually concentrating too hard on not falling off the pole!

The real problem is the sleazy men who sit in a certain place where they can peek underneath the black screen that hangs down to block us from view. Creepy.

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