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Saturday, 7 February 2009

8 Useful Pole Dance Accessories

1. Floor mat.
Protect your knees during floorwork, and handy for cooling off stretches

2. Cloth to wipe hands and pole

3. Kick-ass music you love moving to

4. A mirror for checking your technique and pole style

5. Fingerless cycling gloves, in case of sore palms

6. A pair of knee length boots.
Helpful when beginning aerial pole poses and inverts: they protect your feet and shins, and give some extra grip while learning new techniques and building up strength.

7. Medicine box - plasters, cool pack, aloe vera gel for pole burn and arnica cream for bruising.

8. Camera for filming your moves.

What would you add?


Sophie said...

a good pair of hotpants! (try american apparel) or cycling shorts for s'thing a bit longer...

I also have arnica pills, arnica gel and windowlene, tho would prefer to find s'thing less toxic...

legwarmers for warmup are good too!

Poleminx said...

Cheers Sophie, how did I forget hotpants?! x

Yoshithin said...

where do you get the floor mat????

Yoshithin said...

where do you get the floor mat???

Poleminx said...

I sell them at the recommended retail price of £85, which INCLUDES SHIPPING to UK mainland, check out http://www.poleminx.co.uk/pole_dancing_shop_accessories.shtml, failing that, do a search on ebay :-)

Jason Moorrey said...

This is completely awesome, I live in Hong Kong and I have also started doing pole dance from yesterday, I am learning Pole Dancing Hong Kong from a pole dance instructor. I am very excited to learn it. I will follow your tips as well, I think they will save me from injuries as I am beginner. Thanks for this lovely information, keep posting.

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