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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dealing With Pole Pain

Pic credit: www.ehow.com

Being a bit of an old softie, pretty much the only downside to teaching pole for me is seeing people suffering pain or discomfort as a result of pole dancing.

On week 1 Beginners, it's unexpected friction burn ("pole burn") during Fireman Spins etc, and week 2, reports of difficulty changing gear in the car or getting dressed due to achy upper body muscles from the week before.

Unfortunately, this goes with the territory in pole dancing; the good news is
it does get better as the body becomes conditioned, stronger, and over the initial shock of doing something new / different.

In the meantime there are a couple of things which can be used to minimise or relieve pole pain, so it's worth a trip along to Boots or Superdrug!

1. Aloe Vera gel is cooling and therapeutic, and great for relieving "pole burn"

2. Arnica cream is good for promoting healing of bruising.

3. A sports wrist band can protect the wrist from 'chaffing' while gripping the pole.

4. Fingerless gloves with a 'grippy' palm, like the cycling gloves sold in Halfords can protect against blisters

[To be honest, while I'd recommend 1 and 2 on this list, it's worth persevering through the pain on points 3 and 4, to allow conditioning to occur]

Also ....

1. (for people starting pole climbs / inverts / holds which rely on leg grip) Use a pair of knee-length boots in grippy material (ie leather, pvc. Not suede or fabric) to begin with. They will protect your shins and feet and give a bit of extra grip while you find your correct position and technique.

They should only be used initially, and shouldn't be relied on long-term as you should aim to be able to hold such positions bare legged / footed. Practice in both equally is good.

2. If you do suffer soft tissue injuries (bruises, sore muscles) get an ice pack on it soon as possible to reduce swelling. Later, rest it from major exertion, but keep it mobile. I have ice packs in my first aid kit should they be needed

3. Minimise chances of injury by adopting good pole technique, posture and common sense(!)

Pole dancing separates the wimps from the tough cookies so be proud of your bruises and the fact you're walking like John Wayne :-)


Pipsical said...

Great advice chick x I love new bruises now, cos it means a new move :D

Kelly said...

After our first night bumped up to intermediate level in my pole class- and jumping right into inverts... John Wayne walking is totally true! I came home last night, and when I walked in the door, my husband said, "What are you, a cowboy now?"

Anonymous said...

LMAO Kelly thats hilarious! I really enjoyed this super helpful as I feel like my arms are going to fall off. I can't do anything with them today!

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