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Monday, 16 June 2008

A Snippet of Pole

Today, despite best laid plans, I found myself playing about on the pole all day. And I've had enough of grindy old RnB just now, so the music's different to usual.

In the second vid I have PVC tape on my feet; after trotting around in the country in strappies yesterday, my feet were in agony. They're good for grip too, should you not be in the mood for perspex / pvc shoes.

Much as I love my stumpy little (7'3") pole, I do tire of not being able to stretch out into some of the extended moves, and long for a tall pole I can transition all the way down from ceiling to floor on. Still, not complaining of course.


Sophie said...

wow you've such amazing strength! x

M@ said...

I was disappointed to see that the videos are "no longer available." What the hell?

Seven feet is stumpy for you? :(

M@ said...

I can't believe the immense strength from such a small body!

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