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Friday, 30 January 2009

8 Essential Pole Dancing Habits for Good Technique

These are general and relate to many of the spins. Adopting them will bring quicker improvements to technique:

1. Always engage your core abdominal muscles
2. Leave a good space when moving around the pole into the spin
3. Try out the moves on both sides
4. Usually, your stronger hand
/ arm will be closest to the pole. Keep it high and straight
5. Breathe
6. Relax your grip just a little
7. Clean the pole and hands often
8. Allow your foot to pivot (come up onto ball of foot if necessary).

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What good (or bad!) habits do you have? Add them in the comments


M@ said...

I'm not really getting the extension I want on the "weak-side" leg holds and my lap dancing could use some work.

Poleminx said...

Matt I bet you have some *really* bad habits. Possibly involving penguins and your ex's. And empty Pinot Grigio bottles. Or Mexicans.

Don't hold back..

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