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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Two Easy Ways to Make Some Pole Dance Progress:

1. Practice movement / body posture:
You'll need:

- Mirror

- Heels (optional)

- Glass of wine (optional)

Try the Hip Circles, Body Wave, Wiggle Down / Bottoms Up, Floorwork. Also Standing Slide and Pirouettes which can be done without a
pole. Small stuff like this repeated often will begin to make movements flow more smoothly and make it all seem less "unnatural".

2. For each pole trick, think about its beginning and ending, what you can do to get into it and exit it. Putting transitional moves such as for example the Pirouettes or Outside Steps either end, will make it easier to create short sequences of moves that can become longer routines. (This also really helps the 'dance' aspect of pole dancing, and distinguishes it from being just a display of tricks.


M@ said...

HEELS are option now, are they? Harumph.

Poleminx said...

Hopefully not for YOU Mattington?

Tho' obviously join in if you want to ..

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