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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Up The Pole

Me and Stumpy bonding, in the way only a gal and her pole can.

I could spend a whole paragraph ranting about Big Brother (not the vacuous but addictive channel 4 kind). But I'll just limit myself to: Ken Livingstone, CC tax - bah! And DNA sampling of the entire population for official files - eff off! It's a complete invasion of privacy.

Thanks for indulging me..

I prefer doing the Aysha with the forearm grip. Though your legs/hips/pelvis are away from the pole, that hold pushes your shoulder into the pole in a way that feels most secure.


Glamourpuss said...

You're a strong one, you.


Jennifer said...

Agree re DNA rubbish! Heard on Radio 4 that they would do it at airports. Like - a) iris scanning isn't enough, and b) Heathrow isn't slow enough, either.

poleminx said...

Hello Puss - me strong like bull (Taurus, you see). I think this move is more about finding point of balance / counterbalance, then it becomes easier to hold

Hi Jennifer, agreed, what a daft idea and sinister too quite frankly. Just because they can doesn't mean they should ..

Jocelyn said...

Just popped over from Glamourpuss' site, and how glad I am. Love this footage and seeing more of what can be done (poles not being something I've experienced)

poleminx said...

Hi Jocelyn, thanks for visiting! Come back again soon and who knows I may have even updated it by then! ;-) Your blog's a great read too, had a little lookie xElaine

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