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Monday, 29 October 2007

Pole Palm Palaver

I'm decorating at home, as due to a quirk in my timetable, I appear to have a week off, apart from this pole get together on Thursday. But have been over doing it with the screwdriver, with the result that my palms are as mashed up as heck, so how the hell am I supposed to practice / perform this week?! Lame excuse. But true, and so much for years of conditioning to not feel any pain any more?! Just trying to choose my tune to perform to as well ... something classy and obscure or something grindy and audience friendly? I suspect the latter is the way to go. And again, no pics. It's easier to maintain a blog with words, but this is supposed to be a visual blog, oh well, maybe tomorrow I will post a little something.


Glamourpuss said...

Weird - I did exactly the same thing at my trapeze class last night - big red weals adorn both palms. Sigh.

How about something classy and audience-pleasing? And lots of floorwork - give those hands a rest.


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