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Monday, 26 November 2007

Erotica 2007, London

Popped along with the delightful Puss yesterday mainly to see Dita von Teese, who was headlining, perform. I'm rather a newcomer to Burlesque but she embodied everything I imagined a traditional strip-tease artiste of the early 20th century might be - dazzling sequins, luxurious feathers, porcelain skin and bright red lipstick, with a routine (a Fan Dance) that was tantalising in an elegant and theatrical way.

Unlike the rest of the show which, with a couple of exceptions, lived up to my suspicion that it would be the Ideal Home Show in PVC and fishnets. One exception was trying on the corsets (a virgin experience for me) at Velda Lauder. Apart from the fabulous designs, there is something to be said for being tightly laced up into a corset by a strong enthusiastic bloke! I did take a photo for the blog, but was shocked to discover the overall effect was that of a malnourished waif in dire need of a kebab, so I deleted it.

Returning to the stage show, I was also taken with a performance by this married couple:

Amazing strength and dedication.

A good day.

Image credits: www.dita.net, www.erotica-uk.com


Glamourpuss said...

Well I think you looked lovely in both the red silk and black and grey corsets you tried.

Yes, a fun day - thank you for making it happen.


Poleminx said...

Ah, thank you. Yes the corsets were lovely, it's just the pic that came out dire, prob because I'm tired and was also having a bad hair day!

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