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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Slow Road Woes #2: Woking, Surrey

Back, by popular* demand ... a little bit of indulgent motoring-related ranting.

My Slow Road Woe nomination for today is ... the A320. This innocent, wooded, sloping gentle single-lane road connects the behemoth M25 motorway, which *girdles* London, to Woking, a fine Surrey town rich in historical, literary and musical associations. And some might say full of chavs, but of course that wouldn't be me, for on Saturdays, it is my noble place of work.

Back to the A320. With depressing regularity, I travel along this road at roughly 31mph. The speed limit on this road is 50mph. Ahead, the road stretches clear, empty, tantalising, mocking even. Slightly less ahead, at the vanguard of a slow, mechanical grinding nose-to-tail caterpillar of frustrated motordom, a seething vehicular hernia explosion of repressed piston fury is one of the following: a Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Micra, Vauxhall Corsa or one of their dinky little brethren.

Ironically, the A320 passes by the McLaren Technology Centre, where F1 beasts of terrifying speed are developed and tested. The A320 has no truck with this, its dismally slow old lady drivers possibly shifting up to 4th gear if they're feeling a bit frisky. But mainly sticking to 3rd. I hate the A320 and slow small cars. I thank you.

* by at least 1 person.


Glamourpuss said...

Sounds much like the A21. Sigh.


M@ said...

I don't have the fastest car in the world but at least she'll do 130.

Poleminx said...

Yesterday this road broke it's own record, at 25mph. But this time the offender was a Morrisson's lorry, whose driver was clearly drunk. Or had no hands or feet. My head was about to pop off by the time I arrived in Woking.

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