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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Studio Pics and the Olym Pics (see what I did there?!) ;-)

These are some of the images from the photoshoot I had done back in July.

I enjoyed the Olympics; mainly due to the novelty of "Team GB" winning so frequently. It was inspiring. What a pile of dross the handover to London 2012 was though! (Predictably). The whole thing suggested Croydon on a dull Friday afternoon to me, but then I'm showing my age I guess. To make it more accurate of London today, they should have included a bit of knife crime, and had 3 buses turn up at the same time.

The problem is, anything that ends up in the arena in London 2012 will have been dreamed up by touchy feely consultants and dragged through about 56 focus groups. So it will all be watered-down, politically correct to the nth degree and as a result utterly mediocre and meaningless.

China included a historical timeline in their ceremony, and it occurred to me just how impossible it would be for London to do anything similar. To celebrate our history would be to offend just about every nation gathered under the roof! By the time our past had been spruced up for 2012 consumption, it would be a massive work of fiction. So, I guess it's understandable that it falls to anodyne pop stars and footballers to do the job instead.

In this vein I enjoyed the fact that Jimmy Page was included in the line up. In his Led Zep rock star days his foibles included a bit of Satanism (buying Aleister Crowley's old estate) and dalliances with under-age american schoolgirls. And obviously "Whole Lotta Love" wasn't about spreading peace and harmony between nations but something else entirely. Hehhehuurrggghhh.


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