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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Miss Pole Dance '08

The finals of MPD '08 took place last Thursday evening in Central London.

My father was there exhibiting portraits of pole dancers, and I was there as back-up in case one of his migraines came on due to bright lights and thumping music and I had to take over the stand.

Fortunately this did not happen, so I was able to watch the contestants from the relative seclusion of the VIP bar.

Due to personal stuff going on at home I'd been a little out of the 'pole' loop lately. But the competition finally started at 9.30pm and the contestants took to the stage. I was full of admiration for each and every performer for their sheer balls in taking part (earlier, walking up the road, relief that I was not taking part but only going as a sponsor / spectator was majorly palpable). Maybe next year?! ;-)

Coming from a dance / performance background, I really admired those pole dancers whose routines were fluid, elegant and full of beautiful sensual strong shapes. Tracey Simmonds and Alicia really stood out, and it turned out that they were amongst the winning three dancers. However, as said, everyone taking part deserves a lot of credit for being in the UK finals, it must have taken sooo much guts and preparation to enter that stage.

The official website has not as yet published up to date results, but I believe the final line up was:

1st - Alicia
2nd - Tracey Simmonds
3rd - Deb Riley

(I'll update this as I get confirmed info.)

Pole legend Pantera concluded proceedings with a 10 minute extremely high energy performance.

On a personal note, it was great to see familiar faces including previous Poleminx students, Mr Clive Aston Martin X-Pole and of course the lovely Sarah me naughty pole partner.

After holding out for most of the evening I finally had a few wines and spins round the podium pole upstairs.

I'll update here once I have more information.


M@ said...

Where was the live television coverage?

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