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Friday, 19 September 2008

Miss Pole Dance UK 2008

More info here. I'm not competing - there's too much else going on at the moment - but I'm taking the night off (Thursday, I ask you) to go and watch. In the VIP area of course dahlinks. Only because it means a shorter wait at the bar. If anyone else will be there on the night, let me know, it would be good to hook up.

I recently opted out of entering another UK pole dance competion as, wading through the 10+ pages of guidance on acceptable conduct / presentation, I came across the stringent requirement that one's "gluteal crease" must be covered at all times. Frankly, when one is dangling by a toe at the top of a 12 foot pole, the coverage of one's gluteal crease is the last thing on one's mind. Slippage (of bottom-wear) happens. Also the edict that one bottom slap is acceptable (in a relevant musical context) whereas two is downright provocative and filthy is just rather amusing. It brings to mind the Victorian propensity to cover up the legs of the piano in the drawing room, in case visitors found them over-stimulating. Apologies to my fellow pole sister organisers concerned, but, I guess I'm too old and wise to take on board this kind of thing.

A new round of courses began this week. One thing: should anyone have existing pole experience, please contact me in advance to ensure you sign up to the correct level course. If you're an experienced pole dancer, it's extremely likely that the Beginners pole class (week one) is probably not going to be stimulating enough for you. Thank you.

P.S. Myla has a new collection in. I don't like it. I think it would only be flattering if you were UK size 6. And would it REALLY be worth living on lettuce leaves and rice cakes for 3 weeks to squeeze into this? Thought not. There is more sophisticated stuff to be had elsewhere.

Coco de Mer also released a new collection this week. Loftily described as "Inspired by pure sexual function, Greek mythology and Victoriana vintage styling this collection is hot enough to melt even the coldest of hearts...". In balance, they probably have more of a claim to this than Myla.

Edited next morning to say wow does drinking rum and ginger beer give you a bad case of the purple prose, heheh


Sophie said...

Myla does make me want want want so badly. Yes I'm a size 6, but most of their stuff starts at a size 8, and those that don't seem to require a D cup. Well I can't pay through the nose for lingerie that doesn't fit properly, so i'll just have to stop looking!

ps, might be going to miss pole dance, but unfortunately VIP tickets sold out a while ago... x

M@ said...

Regulations.... I think the government should stay OUT of pole dancing!

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