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Monday, 15 December 2008

Pole Passion Pole Dancers Christmas Masked Ball 2008

So, back to Scala on Friday night for more pole amusement. This is where the Miss Pole Dance '08 finals were held in Oct. This time round, though, the place was considerably emptier, and we were slightly disappointed not to have poles about the place to play on as before.

We got there a little late due to a costume crisis (beware 'Winter Fairy' outfits appearing not all they seem) and missed whatever Burlesque entertainment was going on up in the VIP lounge.

The evening consisted of performances on the main stage, followed by an 'open pole' session in the very early hours where members of the audience got up and performed ad hoc, encouraged by the presiding emcee, Kay from Pole Passion.

Pantera as usual blew us away with her gravity defying strength; I also really enjoyed watching Alisia, the MPD '08 winner, for her dance skills and beautiful movement, which clearly goes way beyond pole dancing alone. Miss Brazil Winner Marciella was also amazing, moving like a true pole dancer, and words in the commentary about 'fitness' and 'recent Exercise To Music qualifications' fell on my rather deaf ears: when you can belt out a proper pole act like she can, any kind of fitness angle seems a bit surplus to requirements. I have seen her perform before and thought she was mesmerizing. My only thoughts whilst watching the curiously named Miss Glory Hole was how one's words can come back and bite you on the arse. This was the aspiring performer / writer who summed up the collective efforts of pole dancers both amateur and professional at Pole Unity the other year with the blanket observation, "All Women Have Cellulite" adding "but only a few can perform". Thus attracting the ire of pole dancers both amateur and professional. I'd say not all women have cellulite by any means, but some (despite the support tights) clearly do, and also need to heed their own advice about performing.

The evening ended for our little pole gang at around 3.30am, after Ben had extremely ably and gamely climbed and performed on stage, pulling off some extremely impressive tricks despite wearing jeans, and managing the equally impressive feat of getting an impromptu pole lesson from Pantera.

I'm finishing the last of this year's pole lessons this week, and then off next Tuesday abroad for christmas and new year. Cannot wait!


M@ said...


Is it possible that you are even more beautiful today than you were yesterday?

Poleminx said...


I doubt it.

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