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Monday, 12 January 2009

Errr .. Happy New 2009!

Been a bit slack in keeping up this Blog lately. Mainly as I don't write much and there's not much to add recently.

As always, I have various pole projects in the pipeline (it's a long pipeline!)

I own and manage the Pole Dance Directory and plan to make it more user-friendly for pole schools to add themselves, and more interesting for pole enthusiasts to browse every day. And just add a raft of new tools relevant to pole dancing generally.

Have started lots of new pole sites in late 2008 which need finishing...

And want to start a number of new "mini-courses" for 2009, a Level 2 Refresher, and do Level 3 as two stages of 3 week courses, adding a bit more structure to the current one-off Workshops, so people can progress on to Level 4.

What else has been happenning? Well, I went away with the Man for Christmas and New Year to Abu Dhabi, which was fabulous. Must admit, as a childless unmarried 38 year old, Christmas is a little surplus to requirements, so the opportunity to spend the day itself on a warm sunny beach in a bikini sipping wine and gently burning in the sun was very welcome indeed. Coming back to Blighty was a bitch though.

For anyone else wishing to leave the country I'd highly recommend the Shangri-La resort and here's a handy pic

Just another rambling thought re pole dancing generally: give yourself time. The further you progress through your pole journey, the longer the moves take to get. When you start a new move, see it as the beginning of a journey. First the familiarisation: remembering and recalling the technique. Then the application: practice practice! Then, the achievement, every now and then the move works! Then mastering the move, so you can pull it off with ease, on demand. I'm speaking from experience here, there are moves I'm currently trying to master, and tonight after a month one of them happenned. Another, I've been attempting for a year now, but each time I try I see a little bit of progress and I will not give up on the biatch! So .. ladies, be patient! Pole dancing is a real skill, be patient and gentle with yourselves and don't always expect immediate results, often the moves must be grown into.

I'm pissed off with my YouTube account as they keep banning/ removing my videos for music copyright reasons. Though I have a fully paid up Licence to perform to music in public, so this is pants. I've practically given up shooting any more pole vids, unless its to Classical music which is copyright free, but not totally suited to pole dancing, I think..

Happy Dancing!


M@ said...

You are the Dante Alighieri of pole dancing.

Poleminx said...

Only if Dante churned out his literary marvels on the back of half a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

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