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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Footwear for Pole Dancing

I'm thinking about the good old heels versus trainers debate.

5 Reasons to Wear Trainers or Flatties for Pole Dancing

1. It's been a long day on your feet already and they're just more comfortable
2. You're dancing on a marble or similarly treacherously slippy floor
3. You see pole dancing as a -purely- fitness activity
4. You're not
channelling the girlie thing just now
5. You're 6ft plus, and are dancing around a 7ft pole.

9 Reasons to Wear Heels for Pole Dancing

1. Wearing heels makes pivots and turns easier (Pirouette, Outside Step and similar)
2. If you're wearing the PVC and Perspex platform variety, you get more valuable foot grip for climbs
3. Doing drops and dips (Wiggle & Flash, Wiggle Wiggle Plunge ...) give upper thigh muscles a good work out and will add tone.
4. You can do the advanced technique split heel grip on the pole, wedging it between your heel and sole.
5. Heels make your legs look longer
6. Platforms make you dance in an effortless and uniquely stylised pole dancey way.
7. They give you that extra 'Wiggle' and help you get in the zone. (see 6)
8. You've spent all day in a British Gas boilersuit and need to reclaim your feminine side.
9. You're actually working in a club

Please feel free to add to the intelligent debate here today by posting your thoughts in the comments!

(PS I'll be wearing me trainers tonight, so I'm really not biased in any one direction)


M@ said...


I like your faux lower-class English accent. ;)

You can put me firmly in the category of supporting heels. It may confer some advantages but the handicap also is part of the athletic challenge.

Strippers sans heels? That's like a cow that doesn't say "moo."

M@ said...

Pardon the analogy....

MsP said...

Stop press, a man prefers a bird wearing 6 inch heels! ;-)

I wore my heels last night with a properly unsexy pair of John Lewis man's socks. This works for me on all kinds of levels.

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