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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

6 Very Common Pole Obstacles Which Will Disappear With Practice!

1. The pain :-0
2. Sweaty hands
3. Over-grippy hands
4. Feeling awkward!
5. Information overload - trying to remember everything at once and getting nowhere
6. Believing you can't / shouldn't do it.

Believing that these obstacles to
pole progress can and will be overcome is very productive as it allows you to keep moving forward when you feel like giving up.

Also the struggle sometimes involved makes the sense of achievement all the greater when you do pull off that move that's been driving you nuts for the last 5 weeks.


M@ said...

You are the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of pole dancing, as I've remarked before.

Poleminx said...

Who the heck is this Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

Is he worth a Google?

Poleminx said...


Oh :-) That's nice :-)

Pole Dancing said...

it takes a lot of skill to pole dance.

Poleminx said...


M@ said...

You can be the smartest, most intellectualized pussy ever. And, when I use that word, there is no derision. Only desire.

Poleminx said...

Er .. thanks.

M@ said...

I don't even remember making that comment, Poley. I need to stop drinking for a while.

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