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Friday, 13 February 2009

Performing a Valentine's Day Pole Dance for Someone Special

Stick to these 10 tips to transform a pole dance into something sizzling and seductive on Valentines Day

1. Set the scene with low lighting, perfume, music and your outfit

2. Tell your partner to sit tight during the dance and let you make the moves.

3. Start slow and build intensity gradually.

4. Pace yourself. Go easy with the flash tricks and include a lot of sensual movement and poses, including floor and chairwork

5. Keep the dance very slow and rhythmical, moving with intent.

6. Always maintain eye contact. Even when your back is turned, glance back over your shoulder. It engages your 'audience' powerfully.

7. Maximise your body language: run hands through your hair, and use them to caress all your feminine curves, as if you cannot keep your hands off yourself

8. Keep your distance, while coming in tantalisingly close enough to whisper something wicked every now and then

9. If you are going to undress, remember the tease part of the word striptease and take your time luxuriantly.

10. Be very secure in the knowledge that men in particular are visual creatures and will love what you're doing with the pole.


M@ said...

Good chair-work is crucial.

Btw, I've been told in the car that I'm a good wheelman. I've got something to put in your boot.

Poleminx said...

It's good chair-work that leeches the dollar bills out of your wallet and into a dancer's flimsies.

Boot or bonnet?

Coach B. said...

Great blog!!!

Poleminx said...

Thank you Coach B! And thanks for visiting ... come again!

London lap Dancer said...

Great advice, especialy point number three... reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis' dance scene in True Lies (which to be honest was more a case of 'start frigid...';)

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