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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Visualisations to Help Pole Dancing Technique #1

I'm a fan of using mental visualisations to help carry out and hold the various moves correctly.

Here are a couple to start with, more later.

Roulette Wheel: for smooth round even spins.

Fairground Chairs: for the Carousel and Chair spins

Scissors: for Kicks and slices, eg Foward Kick, Scissors Hop

For Floowork and general Posture

Anyone else use similar mental pictures?! Let me know in the comments...


M@ said...

I imagine myself as the pole, rigid and erect, unyielding.

I never say anything and I do not judge.

Poleminx said...


OMG you've changed your profile pic.

Liked the DC post btw. That lady would make me throw.

Anonymous said...

I like to use the visual of a little kid swinging around a traffic sign for walking around the pole and a "rolly,polly bug" (real name sow bug, I think) for learning how to hoist yourself up for the basic inversion.

guy on a pole said...

I like to think of an egg timer (the sort that has two glass globes and sand pours from one to the other) to help me with inverts. I visualise pivoting on a centre point.

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