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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Freestyle Pole Dance


powdergirl said...

Do you get rub burns on your skin when you lock around the pole?
Do you weight train in addition to the dancing? Or is the pole work sufficient to build the required strength?
Sorry to ask so many questions, just curious, and still looking for a local class.

Poleminx said...

Hi Powdergirl, have messaged you direct, but in short - yes, at first, these hurt less with practice, your body becomes 'conditioned' to the pain. Weight training - no I only pole, though I do a fair amount of carrying around heavy poles every day!

M@ said...


You're the kind of chick who bangs her head on the ceiling now and then, I think. :)

Poleminx said...

As my ceiling is only 7'5" you're quite right!!

A said...

love your video. do you have videos to sell? Your videos are easy to follow and I am learning a lot. You rock. Hopefully one day I will have your strength. Happy poling! Angela

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