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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Handspring Moment

Have been trying to get this move for months and months. Persistence pays off!


powdergirl said...


Coach B. said...

I am so jealous! I have been trying this for months...but I keep hurting my wrist and fore arm. What's the trick?

Poleminx said...

@Powdergirl - thank you :-)

@Coach - to be honest I was chipping away at this move for over a year before I got it. You don't say which wrist/fore arm hurt (I guessing the lower?). A couple of pointers would be a) start away from the pole, not too close b) top (stronger) hand grabs about shoulder height, not too high; c) swing up inside leg, getting ready to bend that knee into chest and 'twist' hips (like cradle spin); d) reach down quite low with other hand, getting ready to wedge yourself away from pole with it; e) push up with feet, look upwards, find point of balance

Wide span between hands to really use them to brace yourself away from pole (like Carousel hold) helps.

Obviously this makes it sound easy, it's not, just needs a lot of practice. Even now I only get it 1 time in 10...

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