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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pole Clinic: How to do the Butterfly Handstand

The Butterfly Handstand

Pre-requisite moves: the Basic Invert, the Crucifix

1. Invert, then go into a Crucifix (it's important to keep your height up the pole)

2. Using foot / leg grip to control, allow yourself to slide towards ground, extending arms until hands make contact with floor.

3. Your hand position should be shoulder-width apart, but placed close in to the base of the pole.

4. Additionally, spread fingers wide for extra stability, and do not allow your bodyweight to collapse into your wrists or shoulders. Engage shoulder and core muscles for support.

5. Push your chest into the pole as the point of contact, and release your back leg / foot from the pole, bending it back over your head with knee slightly bent, sole of foot pointing towards floor.

6. I go by 'feel' when upside-down, as it can be disorientating. Therefore, where you feel the front of your foot pushing into the pole (in Crucifix position), this is the foot / leg which releases.

7. Allow your hooked knee / lower leg to pull on the pole, as the other extends away.

To Develop:
Aim for greater extension by allowing your hooked leg to slide lower down the pole; this in turn enables the body to arch away further.

Bent elbows
Leaning into pole at pelvic area
Hands too far away from base of pole
Hands too close together
Attempting when too close to floor (unless you can Reverse Climb)

Great Practice / Conditioning for:
The Butterfly
Arm, shoulder and wrist strength
Core stability and balance

Combine with:
Inverted Thigh Hold

(c) E Gosling, 2010



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