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Friday, 25 June 2010

Pole Clinic: How to do the Cradle Spin

The Cradle Spin

This Level 2 pole dancing spin is like Marmite - people either love it or hate it. Different to many other spins, it requires you to tuck up close as possible in to the pole, and lead with the legs first. It has a funny habit of taking a while to crack, then mysteriously 'clicks' into place.

Here are some pointers for a successful Cradle Spin:

1. Try either side of the pole; sometimes it can be easier with the stronger hand at the top, and vice-versa.

2. Observe your body's position in relation to the pole, you're aiming for a slight twist around the back of it as a starting position:

a) Inside Arm / Hand: Start with pole on your side, lower hand palm facing pole, thumb down and fingers opposite on the side of the pole closest to you, so the back of your hand faces in towards your body. The arm should be straight, maybe with a slight bend of the elbow inwards towards the body. Reach the arm down, it should never be placed say higher than hip height.

b) Outside Arm / Hand: At eye / nose height, normal 'baseball' grip, push your hand further round so you are looking at your fingernails for extra leverage. Elbow bent outwards slightly.

c) Head / Shoulders: bring around the back of the pole opposite side to feet as if you were peeking at someone behind the pole.

d) Body should be tilted in to the pole (belly-button in, inside hip lower than outside one) as if you were trying to wrap yourself around it (which you are!)

3. Get going by stepping in on your inside foot, then driving your outside knee forward across the pole (in the shape of an arrow pointing in the direction you want to go, so knee, ankle and hip all level). This wants to be quite a sharp push.

4. Tuck your knees towards your chest and hold them there. Use your abs to help hold your knees in place. This will keep the spin going longer.

5. Keep your head quite close to the pole.

To Develop:
To get a feel for this spin initially, do it as a simple static 'pose' from the floor, crouching down next to the pole, and then tucking up around it

Once the move is mastered, it can be tried on a spinny pole, or move on to a Split Cradle

Tight grip
Swinging legs round into pole
Jumping at pole
Top arm high / straight

Great Practice / Conditioning for:
Split Grip
Triceps, Abs

Vote in my online pole poll above: Cradle Spin: Love it or Hate it?!

(c) E Gosling, 2010


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