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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

8 Things to Make Poleing At Home Easier :-)

Pole Dance TipsPole dancing at home? Grab the following to make life easier... 1. Towel to wipe the pole or your hands (makes such a difference)

2. Pen and paper to write down inspired combinations or ideas, or draw funny stickmen to remember the moves by

3. Mat or padding if you're trying out something upside down. Ideally have someone else there if it's extreme / new

4. Heels - heck, why not! ;-p

5. Mirror - check alignment, technique, how good it actually looks

6. Great music

7. Grip, using grip while you find your way into unfamiliar moves or build strength is NOT cheating. Use Gorilla Gold, Chalk, PVC Boots .... whatever makes it easier

8. A camera - put something up on Facebook later, use your pics to check progress so far


Equipe Up Dance said...

Absolutely. I loved the tips.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new pole dancer and I was wondering if more lotion (on off hours) to make my skin softer would help or less. Basically dry of soft skin which is better?

Poleminx said...

Yes, it's fine to moisturise when you're not poleing. Dermatologically dry skin will not help as it will be hard to grip (and generally not healthy anyhow).

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