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Monday, 15 September 2008

Motor Head

Photo Samuel Hicks.

When I'm not on the pole, I'm a petrol head. Imagine my luck when best buddy and pole dance partner Sarah, who's a motoring journalist, invited me to take part in a shoot for her latest article. We whizzed up to
Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire, and quickly repaired to the canteen in order to escape the fiercely cold and wet English Summer.

The idea behind the article was that in the current economic (if not meteorological) climate, it might be sensible to down-size from one's gas guzzling supercar monster to an equally quick but less expensive to buy and run sportster like the one in this pic, the Ariel Atom. So my job for the day was to pretend I was the owner of a £100k Porsche 911 Turbo.

When we got down to business, we posed around a lot on the track surrounded by seriously sexy car totty such as this and tried to avoid the weather. The icing on the cake was being driven at monumental speed around the track in the Atom. After which I may as well have been trundling back down the M1 in a golf buggy, it felt so slow.

Anyhow, thanks to Sarah and the chaps on the day, because it was the absolute b*llocks.

A bit of pole action for the purists.

I have a pole photo-shoot next week. Cannot wait, though I do need to get the healthy eating regime back on track before my arse starts demanding its own postcode.

The weekend has seen crimes against hummous and all kinds of savoury disasters.


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